You probably already know that social media marketing is the process of gaining traffic and attention through social media sites.

But as simple as that definition is, it holds true. However, social media marketing involves a whole lot more than gaining attention and acquiring traffic.

In this article, let’s look at the social success cycle of social media marketing because it is the required foundational knowledge that helps you make sense of your strategy.

To start with, there are four successive cycles of effective social media marketing, and they are:

1. Social Listening on Social Media:

In social media marketing, it is essential to monitor and manage brand reputation.

This process of responding to customer service issues (like complaints or praises for good service rendered) via social media is what is called social listening.

Its goal is to create and maintain a good reputation by attending to customer’s needs on time. It also increases customer retention rate and possibly reduces refunds.

2. Social Influencing on Social Media:

Social influencing is the process of establishing authority on the social web.

This is usually done through the creation and strategic distribution of useful and relevant content that adds value to a targeted audience.

What social influencing does is to increase engagement, website traffic and offer awareness.

Which leads us to the third stage of social media marketing success cycle…

3. Social Networking on Social Media:

This is self-explanatory and you most likely already know about it.

It is the process of finding and associating with authorities in your niche on social media — these are influential individuals and brands whose association will make you better.

For a second, imagine if a highly respected leader in your community with over a million followers tweets about your business. Now, that’s some good PR you didn’t pay for, provided what is said is positive.

So basically, social networking allows you to develop strategic relationships which would earn you more media mentions in the long run.

Which brings us to…

4. Social Selling on Social Media:

A lot of people think that social media marketing is simply all about selling. No. It is not.

Social selling is just one part of four cycles that make up for a good social media strategy.

It is the process of generating leads and sales from existing and potential customers on social media. The goal of social selling is to generate leads, grow your email list, increase customer acquisition and your buyer frequency rate.

Social selling is where revenue matters more than a good reputation or strategic partnerships. Here, it’s about sales.

That said, however, these are basically what businesses whether big or small needs to do.

In Conclusion

Any social media marketing strategy that does not take cognizance of the social success cycle is an imbalance.

What most businesses already do is a lot of social selling (because it’s probably the ‘ultimate’ of the cycle — everyone wants more sales) and maybe some social listening too.

But to have a well-rounded social media marketing strategy that (listens – influences – relates and sells), you must first understand the social success cycle which we have clearly explained here.

Now, go ahead and check your strategies again, are these factors in place? If yes, that’s fine, otherwise, you need to put them in place.

But remember that you need to know ‘how’.

Which is what I intend to write about next.

P.S: Was this useful to you in any way? Kindly let me know in the comment section below. And if you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask me.

Note: This article was repurposed because it was first published on Big Field Digital’s blog

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