The 4 Steps to Digital Marketing Mastery was a special report I wrote for Big Field Digital after a brainstorming session with the Founder and CEO, Moses Adetola.

Moses wanted his agency to begin a digital marketing training program to bring many self-acclaimed digital marketers up to speed on the industry standard because from experience he found out that most applicants for digital marketing vacancies he put on job boards need to learn more.

So, we agreed to educate them with a special report that will help anyone understand the basics of digital marketing while introducing them to the agency’s training.

As a result, I wrote a blog post article titled: TOP 5 SKILLS THAT WILL QUICKLY GET YOU A HIGH-PAYING JOB IN 2017. Which included digital marketing.

The plan was to direct targeted traffic to the blog post through Facebook paid ads, with re-targeting pixels set on the webpage so that the Free Special Report: 4 Steps to Digital Marketing Mastery will be re-targeted to people who read the article.

The good thing about this plan was to help Big Field Digital create an email list of leads who can then be nurtured from awareness, through evaluation to conversion, which in this case is to take its digital marketing training.

Click here to download 4 Steps to Digital Marketing Mastery…

As with most lead magnets, this report is short but insightful.

P.S. Please note that BFD didn’t follow through with this plan due to a shift in priorities.

So, I put this up as a writing sample instead of letting it sit without use on my computer because it took days of hard work to create this first draft.

P.P.S. With that said, what about you?

Do you need a lead magnet for your website? Let’s have a 30-minute call to talk about how to drive traffic to your website, engage your web visitors and convert them.

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