If you’re like a lot of marketing managers and business owners, there is a need to justify your marketing budget with maximum results — a process which involves a well-defined digital marketing strategy.

On the other hand, if you’re one of those that have not tried digital marketing before, it may seem complicated. But if you are one of those that have tried to increase your business’ revenue and reach with it, then you already know that it’s not something you want to do through trial and error.

That’s why I’ve developed this handy-dandy little guide to help you understand the quick and easy way to get results with digital marketing.

You can skip the long learning curve, skip the trial and error and hopefully skip over all the frustrating mistakes that most business owners and marketing managers make when they try to increase sales, brand awareness and acquire more customers through digital marketing.

So let’s get started…

Step 1: Create a Sales Funnel

If you haven’t created your sales funnel before, then you need to do so now.

Sales funnel is like a map detailing how customers will move from strangers to acquaintances, interested buyers, and advocates. This funnel is a journey that must be pre-determined long before your customer knows about you.

While there are several possible ways to approach this, I’ve discovered that the best way to build a marketing funnel is to classify your offers into low-ticket or tripwire, mid-ticket or core offer and high-ticket or profit Maximizers.

Approaching your offers from this angle will help you to create the sales funnel appropriate for your business; which of course can be changed later on if need be.

Creating a sales funnel is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy because it determines your product offers. Understanding this will help you get your conversions right.

Step 2: Have a Content Plan

This second step can be a little tricky, which is why I’ve broken it up into smaller steps.

But before I get into those steps, let me toss a word of warning your way. Note that having a content plan is not the same as having a blog and content marketing is not just about writing articles…

However, with that warning out of the way, here are some tips to help you create effective content:

Step 2.1:

You must be definite on who you are creating content for; your target audience. And must know how best to reach them on the internet.

Step 2.2:

Learn to give value first, let your audience know your brand for the value you offer. This will make them trust you.

Step 2.3:

Don’t be boring a cat, that’s all.

Once you’ve done these, you can then move on to Step 3…

Step 3: Use Social Media Marketing Rightly

This step does require some attention to get it right, but, it’s well worth the effort if done right.

Here’s how to do it…

Social media marketing is simply the use of social media platforms for marketing purposes.

It can be used for listening, influencing, networking and ultimately to sell. But many so-called social media marketers do not even understand the social media marketing success cycle — and it is the reason many businesses are not getting desired results.

With the right social media usage, your digital marketing efforts will be profitable.

As a matter of fact, it’s not particularly difficult to get to it right — you just need to understand the process of how to use social media for business.

Step 4: Build an Email List.

In the internet marketing space, it is common to hear people say that the ‘money is in the list’. While I do think that is an incomplete statement, I also agree that the money is in the list if rightly done.

Email marketing is an essential digital marketing strategy whose impact cannot be understated; however, there are things everyone ought to know about building an email list.

The advantage of having an email list range from constant contact with your subscribers, building a community on trust, increasing engagement and being able to send promotions when you create them.

There is no denying that email marketing generates a high return on investment as reported by Direct Marketing Association that it yields an average 4,300% for businesses

However, it MUST be done right…

Congratulations — you now know the easy and quick way to get results with digital marketing. The next thing you need to do is take action because the sooner you do, the sooner your business gets better.

If you need help setting up any of these strategies or if you need a customized online marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us — it’s our bread and butter.

Note: This was written for and published by Legacy Media

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