How the Fast Button is Increasing Email Conversions

Written by Lanre Peter

Would you like to use a one-click button that increases conversions by 500% if you found one? Then you need fast, the world’s easiest button, replacing login forms with one click.

We build Fast to help you convert web visitors to users with a single click. It is simple to use, secure, and only requires an email account to set up.

Don’t worry. You don’t even need a password to use the fast button. I will tell you how fast works, but let me first tell you why email is an active marketing channel and how fast is raising conversions through it. 

Email is King.

Over the last few decades, email marketing has increasingly evolved, and it remains the most important and useful marketing channel for businesses and consumers.

Today, there are about 2.6 billion active email users in the world; hence, we cannot overstate its importance in marketing.

In fact, 77% of email users prefer it for permission-based promotional messages, according to Campaign Monitor. Unfortunately, many businesses still aren’t taking the most advantage of email as a marketing channel.

Source: Campaign Monitor

Why is email marketing important?

Email generates the highest ROI for marketers, with an average return on investment of $44.25 on every dollar spent, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

It is also 40x more effective at gaining new customers than either Facebook or Twitter–McKinsey.

Besides sales promotion, email marketing plays a more profound role by using content to engage customers and to keep them informed about what’s going on with your business.

The chief role of email marketing is to help move a customer from one stage of the customer journey to the next.

Usually, a customer begins this journey from brand awareness to engagement, then subscribing, and ultimately, converts to become not just buyers but advocates of your brand.

These are the reasons companies should take email marketing more seriously. Now, how does fast work?

How Fast Works.

If you are a web business owner who wants to make things easy for his or her web visitors, then you need to install the fast button on your website. This will enable your web visitors to sign up and log in with just one click.

The fast button.

They won’t need a password, just an email.

Our first-time users will get an instant email with a secure login link that gives quick access. Then they can log in to fast and manage all open sessions across devices and for secure access to websites.

That said…

Fast, the world’s easiest button – is a no-risk, free, and easy-to-use traffic conversion web app you should be using. Highly secured, it also increases login and conversion rates up to about 500%.

Find out by yourself, click the link below to install the fast button. Now, you have higher conversions to gain.

Install the Fast Button.

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